Terms of Use
General conditions for using the website of Culture AD
1. Defining

The site offers an interactive online service via the website www.kultura.com.mk, managed by Kultura AD (hereinafter referred to collectively – kultura.com.mk) on the World Wide Web Network (hereinafter: Internet ). The service consists of providing information services, content management, and conducting financial transactions. The listed services are jointly provided by Kultura AD, affiliated companies and third parties.

The term “web pages” in these Terms of Use shall refer to all web pages that are located in the domain www.kultura.com.mk. By using these web sites, you declare that you are familiar with and agree to the terms and conditions of use herein. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use here, please refrain from using these web sites.

2. General

These Terms of Use shall prescribe the terms and conditions governing the use of the websites at www.kultura.com.mk by the end-users. By using these web sites (except for the first reading of these terms), the end users declare that they agree with the terms and conditions stated here and agree with the use of the web site www.kultura.com.mk in accordance with them. The right to use these websites is a personal right of the End User and can not be transferred to any other natural or legal person in any way. The end user is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords, in the places where they as such exist. The end user is familiar with the fact that although the Internet is a generally safe environment, sometimes there is a termination of the services or events that are outside the control of the company Kultura AD. Accordingly, Kultura can not be held liable for any loss of data that may occur during the transmission of information on the Internet. Although Kultura AD aims to make these sites available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, websites may sometimes not be available for any reason, including routine maintenance. Website access may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable, or disabled.

Kultura reserves the right at any time to modify or terminate any segment of its operation, including but not limited to content, availability time, and equipment required to access and use the pages. Furthermore, Kultura may cease to send any part of the information or any kind of information, may change or abolish any means of data transmission, change the speed of data transmission, and any other feature thereof .

3. Change of conditions

Kultura reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, if it deems it necessary, to cancel or alter any of the terms of use herein and / or a statement of confidentiality of data. Such changes may, inter alia, include the introduction of certain fees or charges. Accordingly, we advise users to re-read the information contained in the terms of use and the Privacy Statement from time to time to keep them informed of such changes. We would like to mention that if there is a change in the Terms of Use of the Privacy Statement and if you continue to use our websites, it is understood that you accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement applicable at the time. Any change or deletion of the terms and conditions of use will take effect immediately after it has been posted on the pages. Any use of these Web sites by the End User after such announcement shall be understood as accepting those changes.

4. Equipment

The End User is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of its computer equipment, including all software and hardware that it owns and uses, as well as other equipment needed to access and use these web sites, as well as the associated costs with all that. Kultura is not responsible for any damage to the End User’s equipment, which may arise as a consequence of the use of these websites.

5. Behavior of the End User

These web pages, as well as any other pages, now or later contained or otherwise accessible by way of external links to the websites of www.kultura.com.mk, are privately owned. The overall interaction and interaction that takes place through these websites must comply with these Terms of Use. Although we support and encourage the communication and interaction of users through internthe web site www.kultura.com.mk, we ask and expect from all users, all of their activities related to the use of these web pages will be in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of N.Macedonia.

End users may not publish or transmit any material that endangers or in any way violates the rights of others through any of these websites, any material that is inherently unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, disruptive or threatening privacy, which is vulgar, spoiled or otherwise undesirable in the measured communication, which incites illegal activities or otherwise violates any regulation and who, without express, prior and written consent of KULTURA Ltd. contains advertisement or offer of any products and services. Any behavior of End Users, which, according to Discretionary Rating of Kultura AD, restricts or disables any other End User in the use or enjoyment of these Web sites is strictly prohibited. The end-user may not use these sites to advertise or perform any commercial, religious, political or non-commercial propaganda, including calling users of these sites to become members of another online or offline service, representing a direct or indirect competition or potential competition of Kultura AD.

6. Intellectual property

All materials that are available on www.kultura.com.mk websites are an exclusive right of the company Kultura AD or are used with the explicit approval of the copyright holder and the holders of the trademarks and / or designs. Any copying, distribution, transmission, publishing, connection, in-depth connection or otherwise modifying these web pages without express written permission from Kultura AD is strictly prohibited! Any violation of these conditions, which may result in a violation of copyright, trademark right or any other form of intellectual property may lead to civil or commercial proceedings and / or criminal prosecution against the offender . These web pages contain copyrighted, trademarked, design and other information covered by other rights of individuals and legal entities, including but not limited to texts, software, photographs, videos, graphics, music, sound, as well as the overall content of the web site www.kultura.com.mk, in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of N.Macedonia. Kultura is the copyright holder regarding the selection, coordination, placement and promotion of such content, as well as rights related to the original content.

The end user may not: modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, process or adapt or in any way use any content, in whole or in part. The end-user can retrieve, print and prepare copyrighted material for the sole purpose of his own use. Copying, redistribution, re-transmission, issuance or commercial exploitation of the downloaded material is not permitted without the express written consent of Kultura AD and the copyright holder.

The end user will not post, publish or otherwise make available any material subject to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights without the express permission of the holders of those rights. Kultura has no obligation to inform the End Beneficiary or assist it in determining whether any material is subject to copyright. The end-user is solely and solely responsible for the damage that may occur with a copyright infringement, the misuse of the trademark and other intellectual property rights, or any problems arising in connection with the publication of such material. By placing the material on any publicly accessible section on these websites, the End Beneficiary ensures that the rights holder of those materials explicitly grants to the company Kultura AD free of charge, time unlimited, irretrievable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproducing, modifying, adjusting, publishing, translating and distributing such material (partially or entirely) to the entire world. The end user also gives other end-users the right to access, view, prepare or reproduce this material for their own use. By doing so, the End User gives the right to the company Kultura AD to change, copy, publish and distribute any material that the End User will make available on these web sites.

7. Statement of warranty and limitation of liability

The end user explicitly agrees that the use of this internet site is solely the responsibility of the end user. Neither Kultura nor its subsidiaries, as none of their employees, agents, third-party service providers or licensed companies, do not guarantee that the use of these web sites will not be interrupted or will be error-free; (1) the consequences that may arise from the use of these websites; or (2) the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, service, or merchandise provided through these web sites.

This Statement of Liability applies to all damages or possible injuries caused by any bad attributes, errors, exceptions, interruptions, deletions, defects, bugs or transmission, computer virus, communication line break, theft, destruction or unauthorized access, change or abuse of records, termination of contract, improper conduct, negligence or by any other action. The end user explicitly confirms that the company Kultura AD is not responsible for offensive, inappropriate or unlawful behavior of other users or third parties and that the risk of damage that may arise as a result of the stated is entirely to the end user.

In no case shall the company Kultura AD or any other natural or legal person involved in the creation, production or distribution of these web pages or related content, as well as any software, be liable for any damages that may arise as a consequence of use or due to the inability to use these sites. The End User explicitly acknowledges that the terms of this chapter relate to the overall content of these web sites. With the aforementioned conditions, neither the company Kultura AD nor its subsidiaries, information providers or partners that regulate the content will be liable, regardless of the reason or duration, of any error, inaccuracy or other flaws, inadequacy or non-materiality, the information contained on these web sites, as well as for any delay or interruption in the transmission of information to the end user for any claim or loss arising therefrom. None of the above parties will be liable for any claims or losses to third parties, including lost earnings.

Kultura AD is not responsible for any content that the user, subscriber or unauthorized user can place on these web sites. Any content that is set up, which is or may be considered inadequate may be removed at any time by the company Kultura AD. Culture reserves the right to change, adjust, delete or remove any content that it considers inappropriate.

8. Supervision

Kultura has the right, but not the obligation, at any time to supervise the content of these web sites, including any chat room and forum that could be contained as part of these web sites, in order to ensure compliance and compliance with these Terms of Use as well as any other rules prescribed by Kultura Inc., as well as compliance with any applicable law, regulation or other act. Without limitation, the Kultura reserves the right to remove any material that, according to its own discretion, will find that it is not in accordance with the rules set out here or which it finds to be questionable in any other way.

9. Privacy

The End User acknowledges that all discussions, evaluations, comments, private messages, chat rooms and / or other ways of sending messages or communicating with each other (hereinafter – Communities) are of a public nature, and not of a private nature, and therefore Kultura can monitor the End User’s communications without their knowledge and explicit permission. Given that Kultura does not control or authorize the content, messages or information that may be found in any of the Communities, Kultura specifically denies any liability with respect to the Communities and for any actions resulting from the participation of the End-User in any of the Communities, including liability for possible contentious content. Any communication that the End User will announce to the Kultura system (whether it’s a chat room, a discussion group, a forum, or the like) is considered to be untrusted.

If certain websites permit the publication of communications that Kultura treats as confidential, that fact will be listed on those pages. By publishing the comments, messages or other information on this web site, the End User gives the company Kultura AD the right to use those comments, messages or other information in order to promote, advertise, market research or any other legally permitted purpose.