Protection of personal data
This Privacy Statement concerns the protection of personal data located on the pages of Kultura and which by using those pages are collected and preserved in the databases on the web pages of the domain from the End-users users. Kultura AD as a web site service provider (hereinafter – “We”) is committed to protecting your privacy while you are online.

Please read the following, how it would be easier to understand what information we choose (hereinafter – “User” or “End User”) and how we use that information. If you have any questions regarding the confidentiality of the data, please send us an e-mail to the e-mail address

Please, carefully read this Privacy Statement. By accessing or using our web sites, you acknowledge that you have read and understood it and that you agree to all the terms and conditions of personal data protection and how to use our web sites. If you do not agree to these terms, please leave our website, do not access and do not use this website.

We can change this Privacy Statement at any time by publishing the amended text of the Privacy Statement in the section on “Privacy Protection” on our web pages. Changes to the Privacy Statement shall enter into force immediately upon the publication of these web sites. Each User falls to the responsibility to periodically review this website and to study the amendment of the statement on the protection of personal data. The continuation of the use of this web site by you after the entry into force of such changes implies that you acknowledge and accept all the conditions of such a modified statement of personal data protection.

We collect two types of information about the users of our web pages: personal identification information and non-personal identification information. Personal identification information. Personal identification information is information that identifies the specific end-user. When you engage in certain activities on our web pages, such as opening a user account, ordering products or services from us or our partners, publishing content and / or publishing texts on forums, participating in prize games or raffles which we sponsor ourselves or our partners, filling in surveys, posting comments, sending feedback to us or our partners, searching for information about our services, calling a job advertisement, putting a video or signing a post Fucking offers from third parties through our Internet sites (hereinafter collectively referred to as identification activities), we may ask you to provide us with certain information about you. Engaging in identification activities is optional. However, if you decide to engage in an identification activity, we may ask you to provide some personal information, such as name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number. When ordering products and services, we may ask you to provide us with information about your credit card number, date of validity, authorization code and other related information. Depending on the type of activity, some of the information that we request is available to us, as mandatory, and some as voluntary. If you do not provide information that is required for a particular activity, you will not be allowed to engage in that activity.

We use personal identification information to offer products and services, organize raffles and prize games, improve the work on this website, improve our advertising and promotional efforts, analyze the use of the websites at, have improved our offer of products and services and would explore your experience with third parties. For example, if you send an e-mail to our customer service, we could use your comments and feedback to let others know about our services, and we can post your comment on our advertising materials to our webpage. In addition, if you use our website to send information or products to other persons, we can store your personal information and personal information to any recipient. We can use the contact information of that other person to allow him / her to inspect and accept your gift or allow that recipient to access the information that you have requested, and we have sent them. We can also use personal identification information for troubleshooting, administration of an administrator fulfillment of obligations, contact with you, respecting the agreement with you, including the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement on our web sites, compliance with relevant laws and cooperation with law enforcement services.

We will not give your personal identification information to others except those specifically listed here.

We can share your information with affiliated companies. We jointly provide some products or services with other retail stores that sell and offer discounts through us. They are known as “affiliated companies”. We can share your personal identification information with affiliates so they can contact you about a monetary transaction. Sharing this information will allow the affiliate company to advertise directly to you if you decide to do so. However, we will share personal identification information with the affiliated company only if you engage in an identification activity, only with the related company involved in such an identification activity. For example, if you buy a promotional product (a coupon for that product) from a Culture for a particular retail store, we can share your name, surname and e-mail address with that store.

We can share your information with authorized third party service providers. We provide some of our services and products through third parties. These “Third Service Providers” carry out some activities in our name, such as sending and distributing our administrative and promotional email messages. We can share your personal identification information with such service providers for order fulfillment, package delivery, postal mail and e-mail, administering prize games or raffle, removing duplicate information on client lists, analyzing data, providing advertising services, providing search results and links, credit card payment processing, web site management, problem solving and providing customized services. We can also collect personal information from individuals and companies with whom we have business relationships (“related”) and we can also share their information with service providers to better accomplish our administrative tasks. For example, when ordering a service, we transfer the data from your credit card to the bank issuing the card in order to confirm the payment of the service and, if necessary, we give your address to the delivery service so that they can deliver the service. Similarly, we can provide information from our affiliated company to make payment. We encourage affiliated companies and third-party service providers to accept and publish statements for the protection of personal data. The use of your personal identification data on their behalf is prescribed by the confidentiality statements for those parties and is not under our control.

We can share your information in the case of a business download. As with other business operations, we can either merge or may not take on another company. If this happens, the follower company will receive the information that we keep, including personal identification information. However, personal identification information will remain subject to this statement for the protection of personal data.

We can share your information in order to protect and protect others. We can also disclose personal identification information when we believe that their disclosure will help law enforcement or when necessary as a consequence of a court order that it will ensure compliance with this Privacy Statement, our Terms of Use websites or other agreements; or to protect the right to ownership or safety of these websites, their users or other persons.

When you open a Culture Profile, you are offered a choice to choose between the standard registration method by filling in all required fields, or simply by using the Facebook Registration or Facebook Login tools that allow you to quickly register and log in to your account. These tools draw your personal identification data needed to create a Culture account from your existing Facebook account, which saves you time and unnecessary password memory. By creating a profile with Facebook Registration or Facebook Login tools, you accept the Terms of Use and Policy for Privacy Policy of Culture. The user’s personal data and the data about the transactions made on our web pages are kept for at least 3 years in the database and then deleted if in the last 3 years the user did not use it his account through which he performed the transactions. The personal data of the user received through our web pages are stored in a database located in the Republic of Macedonia.

Non-personal identification information. Non-personal identification information is information that does not identify the specific end-user. This kind of information may include items such as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the web pages that were visited before opening our website, the URL of the websites that were visited after leaving our website, the kind of search engine that You also use your Internet Protocol (IP) address. We and / or our authorized service providers and advertisers, we can automatically collect this information when you visit our website, using electronic tools such as Cookie and Web beacon or Pixel tag tools.

We use non-personal identification information for problem solving, website administration, trend analysis, demographic data collection, compliance analysis with positive regulations and cooperation with law enforcement services. We can also share this information with our authorized service providers and advertisers to measure the overall effectiveness of our online advertising, content and programming.

We may disclose or share non-personal identification information with Partners, Affiliates and the Advertisers. For example, we can share collected demographic information (which does not include personal identification information) with “Third advertisers” or “Third advertisement agencies” and to other persons as below:

We use third advertisement agencies to serve advertisements on our pages. These agencies may use non-personal identification information for your visits to this or other websites in order to provide advertisements for goods and services that you may be interested in using grid markings. We also use Third Service Providers for tracking and analyzing statistics on the use and volume of non-personal identification information for our Users in order to administer our websites and continually improve their quality. Please be aware that this is not about personal identification data, but only about the summarized activities of our Users. These data are collected on our behalf and accordingly represent our property and only we use them.

We believe that you should be able to access and change the personal identification information you provide. You can change any of your Identity Personal Information to your.

We recommend that you update your personal identification information as soon as they change. You can request deleting or removing information about your user profile; however, since we keep the former transactions, you can not delete the information about the previous transactions on our websites. In addition, we may not always be able to wipe out all of your information by the end.

As a condition of buying our products or services, we require your permission to send you Administrative and Promotional e-mail messages. If you request, we will send you information about the activities of your user account and your purchases, as well as updated information about our products and promotional offers. You can not disable the receiving of administrative e-mail messages. “Administrative e-mail messages” refer to the User Activity on the Website and include messages about certain User Profiles, Requests or Questions, as well as messages relating to the purchase of products and services. Unlike administrative e-mail messages, you have the option to choose Promotional e-mail messages. Promotional e-mails advertise our products and services, including exclusive sales and other offers and / or products and services of our Advertisers and Affiliated Companies. We send Promotional e-mails to the Users who are registered and who have chosen the option to receive Promotional E-mails. If you do not want us to receive promotional e-mails, you can at any time after the registration choose the option to cancel the receipt of promotional e-mail messages through your profiles or by sending an e-mail to info @ kultura or by marking the “click here to unsubscribe” box at the bottom of any of our email messages. In case of contact, please indicate your name and e-mail address and which type of promotional e-mail you no longer wish to receive.

We understand the protection of the data seriously and we took various precautions to protect the personal is identification information. You can access your personal identification information on our website using the password and your e-mail address. This password is encrypted. We recommend that you not disclose your password to anyone. Or through your Facebook account. In addition, your personal identification information is stored on a server where only selected persons and service providers can access. We encrypt certain sensitive information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the security of your personal identification information once they arrive here.

Unfortunately, no single data transfer over the Internet, or any wireless network can not be 100% secure. As a consequence, although we implement commercially reasonable safeguards for data protection and we associate with the companies that do the same, we can not guarantee the protection of any information transmitted on or from our website and we are not responsible for the actions to any third party who receives such information.

Tracking data – Cookies. In order to facilitate and customize your experience on these web pages, we send and download cookies to your computer. Cookie is a small text file located on the user’s computer for data storage purposes. It contains information about the User. We use Cookies to save you time while using these sites, to remind you who are to follow and direct the interests of the User in order to provide him with an individual customized experience. Cookies also allow us to collect non-personal identification information, such as information about which pages you have visited and links to which you have clicked. The use of this information helps us to create a more user-friendly experience for all visitors. In addition, we may use Third advertisement agencies to display advertisements on our website. As part of their service, they can put separate cookies on your computer. We do not have access or control over those cookies. This Privacy Statement prescribes the use of Cookies only by our web sites and does not apply to the use of Cookies by any Advertiser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you are able to set your browser’s settings to refuse cookies. Please note that if you decline or delete these cookies, it is possible that some parts of our web pages will not work properly.

Other ways of tracking. We can use other standard technologies such as pixel tags and web beacons to track your use of our websites and promotions, or we can allow Third Service Providers using this method on our behalf. Pixel tags and web beacons are fine graphic images placed on certain pages on our web pages or in our e-mail messages and they allow us to see if you have taken certain actions. When you access that page or open it or click on an e-mail message, pixel tags and web beacons generate non-personal identification information for that action. Pixel tags allow us to measure and improve our understanding of the flow of visitors and their behavior on our web pages and also gives us the opportunity to evaluate the success of our promotions and their effectiveness. For the same purpose, we can also use the pixel tags and web beacons tools of our Affiliates and / or Marketing Partners.

This Privacy Statement applies only to the use and disclosure of the information we collect from you. Other websites that can be accessed through our websites have their own confidentiality and data collection statements, as well as the ways of using and publishing those pages. If you switch to any such page, we recommend that you review the privacy statement on that page. We are not responsible for the manner and conditions of operations of third parties.

Minors under the age of 18 must not use our web pages. We do not collect or retain information from anyone who is under the age of 18, and therefore no part of these websites is designed to attract anyone younger than 18 years of age.

Publicly available parts. We can provide areas on our websites where you can publicly post information about yourself, you can interact with others or give ratings to products and upload media content. This information may be available to other users and companies and may appear on other websites or web browsers, and therefore these information mens can read, collect and use other people. We have no control over who reads your messages or what other users can do with the information you voluntarily post. So please take precaution when publishing any personal information.