Delivery policy
Kultura AD has signed a cooperation agreement with several companies for distribution of shipments and mail. The ordered products will be delivered to you with a delivery note, and the electronic invoice for the payment will be received by e-mail. The purchased products will be delivered to the address you provided as your shipping address. Delivery costs are calculated according to the chosen payment method, and depending on current actions or promotions of Kultura AD. The delivery dynamics will depend on the delivery method that you selected.

For delivery in N.Macedonia:
At the moment there is an active promotion for FREE DELIVERY for orders with a price above 1000 denars. Free delivery is done by regular registered mail. On the day of delivery, if the delivery representative fails to find you and deliver you the parcel, written information about the attempt will be sent to you. If the ordered product can not be delivered to you by us, you will be contacted using the information you provided when registering. Please enter your phone number. The only one would be used to coordinate the delivery of books when buying.


Type of delivery: Cargo
Delivery price: 120 den.
Delivery deadline: Up to 2 days from the date of delivery
The cost of delivery of the order will be clearly presented, separated and easily visible in relation to the price of the product. The sum of these two prices (product price and cost of service – delivery) will also be clearly highlighted and designated.

Note for shipments abroad:
Kultura does not deliver shipments outside the Republic of N. Macedonia. In case of ordering through our system, the consignee of the shipment (outside the Republic of N. Macedonia) is an importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country of delivery. Orders sent abroad may be subject to import duties, duties, taxes and fees by the country designated for delivery. The additional costs for customs clearance will be borne by the recipient. Kultura has no control over these charges and can not predict how much they would be. Customs policies vary greatly from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for further information.