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Thorns of truth

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Rachel and Rose, now women with grown children of their own, find themselves face-to-face at last with the destiny that has haunted them for nearly half a century, since the two were switched at birth in the chaos of a hospital fire. What confronts them now threatens to uproot a lifetime of deeply buried secrets: the impending marriage of Rose’s capable and caring son to Rachel’s emotionally troubled daughter. Once again the two women and their families are pitted against each other … just as Rachel learns that her mother, Sylvie, is dying. Only Rose knows that Sylvie is in reality her mother – and she yearns to be recognized as Sylvie’s own before it’s too late. A widow coping with the loss of her husband – yet powerfully attracted to an engaging talk-show host recovering from wounds of his own – Rose turns to her mother for help. In frail health, but still strong in spirit, Sylvie must choose between the intricate web of lies behind which she shields her loved ones … and a truth that will shatter the lives of both her daughters – as well as that of her fragile granddaughter – before it can begin to heal them.

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Eileen Goudge