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The time enigma (II Part of Experiment 51)

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In the second part the intergalactically investigation continues and special teams of
investigators and prosecutors from the universal court are collecting evidences and searching
for the main responsible people of the illegal experiment on the planet earth.
During this investigation they have found that there are more illegal laboratories, genetical
experiments on people and animals creating laboratory monsters. They have also found that
the main responsible people and the main suspect Amon are still present on earth and they
have still control over some humans that are rulers or leaders of groups and places. The
supreme judge that leads the investigation come to the earth to see personally. During the
search of the main suspect the supreme judge will discover that not only there is on going
illegal experiments on human plants and animals but there is also time traveling and time
anomalies. During the investigation the supreme judge found a time gate that leads to another
dimension and ability of traveling through time even with the specific date. Traveling through
the time on the previous time tracks the judge and two other companions found a trace that
leads directly to the main suspect. Also, on their final time destination they will find a black
base pyramid that is the main control lab on the planet earth. They will find the chief of the
illegal experiment who unfortunately will activated all the nuclear weapons to the destroy the
plant and all the evidence of the |Experiment 51. But the supreme space energies and forces
will give another last chance of the planet.
In the second part of experiment 51 reader will find more about the Time is a dimension,
force, destination or direction of energy or is it just evented for the lack of the evidence for
the poor human evolution. Also the reader will find out why we are getting old, will read
about the ark of the covenant, about the mission of Jesus Christ, about the spear of destiny,
about Emperor Constantine why he converted to Christian and why he implemented
Christianity as a main religion in the whole Roman empire.


13,5 х 20 cm.

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Metodi Dinevski