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The sword of Justice

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“In the magnificent third installment of the internationally bestselling Backstrom series, the irascible detective becomes entangled in an investigation with–incredibly–strange ties to Tsar Nicholas II, Winston Churchill, and Vladimir Putin. A Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original.
Murder isn’t often good news. But when DS Evert Backstrom is told that Thomas Eriksson–a mafia lawyer and renowned defender of the guilty–has been killed, he can’t help but celebrate, perhaps with a little vodka. Backstrom’s good mood is spoiled, however, when he’s assigned to the frustrating case, as narrowing down the list of people who wanted Eriksson dead is almost impossible. It’s miles long! Fortunately, Backstrom has spent years cultivating a group of questionable acquaintances and shady associates who will prove invaluable in solving the crime–as long as his colleagues don’t find out about these illicit connections, or that Backstrom owes them a few favors. But even the dirtiest cop couldn’t have predicted that this trail would lead to a priceless Faberge music box created for Tsar Nicholas II, with a history as notorious as it is singular.”

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Leif G.W. Persson




Evert Backstrom