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The shine of spring

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When the destiny of wife Eva (a talented Scotish writer, in her early thirties)
and husbund Entony (an English architect) crosses the paths with some other
personalities from their surroundings in the Frеnch capital, things will start to get
very complicated. A secret love rival of Eva becomes a younger, redheaded and

charismatic collegue of her husbund, the french interior designer named
While Entony slowly sinks, deeply into the deceiving world of adultery and
passion, risking his marriage, the beautiful and sensitive Eva, one day, meets a
perfect stranger in a coffee-bar near river Seine – a talented and mysterious
painter Alexandar, who can potentially become her soulmate. From that moment,
the bizzare paths of the Destiny and the cruel games od Carma will make a real
roller-coaster and dangerous joyride out of their lives, with an truly unpredictible
Later, she bitterly decides to leave the marital nest and after finding an
apartment on her own, struggles to psychologically survive the situation and to
„heal the wounds“ by dedicating all of her time and energy to writing a novel,
before she finally visits her family in Edinburgh to confess the ugly truth about
the divorce.
However, her parents have an interesting proposition for her traditional
birthday plans, which will eventually lead confused Eva to an exotic stay in Lima,
Peru. There, she discovers a genuine peace and truthfull motivating force to
move forward with her life.
She is ready to take the long journey in pursue to her happiness, but not

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Katerina Serafimovska