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The night I left Prague

Leaving her town, Ingrid takes her son, knowing he is the only thing left she has. As she lives with the
memories of her past which break her heart on and on again, Ingrid meets a man that can repair even
the smallest parts of her. Looking to make everything for the sake of her son, Ingrid is prepared to finally
forget the face of her deceased husband.
On the eve of the new love story and the catastrophy that repairs the world, First world war, except in
the history, it will make the breaking point in her life.
A story from our very past, telling of the hard-working times, bullet shots and the victims of the war, to
creating Czechoslovakia and the influence of Coco Chanel for women rights.
This is a story of a mother who is capable of anything for her son, for her love and she takes a place in
one of the million stories unwritten throughout the history of politics and evil, fashion and jazz, poverty
and aristocracy and the love story, as the greatest victim of the world bloody chaos.


13,5 х 20 cm.

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