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Nothing lasts forever

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Brodie Logan’s idyllic life with her once-loving husband, Colin, seems to have come to an end. So when she lets out the big house in Liverpool with its enchanting garden where she grew up, she decides to leave Colin and share the house with the other women who have come to live there. First, there is twenty-five year old Diana, so innocent and childlike, yet terribly practical having raised her three younger brothers to be fine young men. But Diana suddenly finds there is no place for her in the only home she has ever known. Then there is Vanessa, once a successful career woman, now miserable and overweight, who still can’t get over the shock of an unexpected rejection. And finally, Rachel, barely fifteen, with her baby daughter, Poppy, who some people seem determined to take away from her. As they while away the brilliant summer under the trees in the lovely garden of the big house, friendships form that will last a lifetime. But it isn’t all a bed of roses; bad things happen too – after all, nothing lasts forever. This enchanting, contemporary novel’s warmth and quiet mystery shows once again that Maureen Lee is an exceptional storyteller.

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