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Touch of edges, clash of secrets and web of two worlds. Work in which every character leads a
different battle, apparently they are all clean, but the truth is that behind them lie big secrets.
Summer brings happiness, kisses and love, but this summer will bring to Aurora the dead body
of her boyfriend Alex. The longing to uncover the murderer, to clarify the mystery and the
justice to be satisfied is the main guidepost which will drag away the sixteen-year-old girl in an
unknown area, in another planet. A new world, where everything will seem impossible for
Aurora. The red curtains lift up and in the life of the San family there is no longer space for
secrets. Aurora discovers who she is, what she is and what she is capable of. The love towards
her best friend is the main source of infinite power, which will enable her to live with half heart.
The real heroes lose and life has almost taken away everything of Aurora, Dario and Alex. A
story about battle with their own demons. Romance about sincere love, about true friendship and
the damnation that the hidden stories of the past bring. The magic exists, the heroes and the
heroines are real, this is a story about every fighter through life, about every strong soldier who
doesn`t lose faith and hope, who knows that true love, goodness and hope are stronger than any
evil in the world, even death.


13,5 х 20 cm.

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